A New Way To Experience Your Next Visit To The Dentist - Pain Free Dentistry

A New Way To Experience Your Next Visit To The Dentist - Pain Free Dentistry

For many people and possibly yourself, a fear of the dentist is very common and sometimes you are misguided about how to deal with this. Most people choose never to visit the dentist because of this, and therefore suffer with poor dental hygiene due to the fact they do not have a regular check up of their teeth and mouth. 

These fears may have been triggered from a number of things. It could be a childhood experience where you were made to fear the dentist, and this has grown with you through the years, alternatively, it could be a complex procedure carried out previously that may has left you with fear, some discomfort or maybe just did not go to plan, leaving you feeling weary of whether a dentist could have you feeling safe and secure again during a dental procedure.

There are a number of procedures to help you feel at ease while undergoing a procedure at the dentist. You can have injections to numb the problem areas before treatment, but if you do not feel that this will suffice, you can be literally put to sleep. Conscious sedation dentistry means that you are asleep while still being awake and feel virtually no pain. 

Sleep dentistry can be used for a number of procedures including dental implants, porcelain veneers or just general dentistry procedures. Whatever your fear may be whether it is that you feel you are not in control or that you may have a high gag reflex that means you may be sick once a dentist starts a procedure; sleep dentistry may be the solution to all of your problems. 

You will be constantly monitored while under sedation, and your care will be our main priority throughout the entire procedure. Do not feel worried about being drowsy and sleepy after the procedure, you will be allowed to recover at your own pace, until you feel happy with yourself and the work that has been undertaken.


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