Want To Quit Smoking But Can't - Consider Using Quit Smoking Aids new

Want To Quit Smoking But Can't - Consider Using Quit Smoking Aids new

There are countless millions upon millions of people who would love to give up this habit
of smoking. And there probably are a small percentage of these people that can go cold turkey completely. However, these people are few and far between. Quite frankly, for the vast majority of smokers, going cold turkey completely on just sheer will power is not feasible. For this group of people, chances are they will require the help of some quit smoking aids.

One of the benefits of going cold turkey is that it will help rid your body of the excess of nicotine in quick order. However, the big drawback is that the withdrawal symptoms can be pretty intense and severe, not to mention the physical discomfort that goes with these cravings. Most people will find themselves craving for a cigarette it very short order. When this happens, one should seriously consider using some type of a quit smoking aid to help counter these intense cravings.

Will quit smoking aids Really Work For Me?

The good news for most smokers is that most of the quit smoking aids seem to produce good results. Even with those that are sold over the counter add your local pharmacy. Most of them are reasonably priced and fairly affordable; easy use and have minimal negative side effects.

One of the most popular quit smoking aids is the nicotine replacement therapy, also called NRT for short. These products can come in the form of a patch, spray, gum or inhaler. Basically how these products work is that it allows nicotine to enter into your system over a period of time. This will help reduce your cravings for cigarettes. One of the benefits that these NRT?s has is that it only contains a nicotine. Unlike cigarettes, which can contain thousands of poisonous and/or carcinogenic chemicals. Additionally, the secondhand smoke that comes from a cigarette can be extremely hazardous to those people that are close to a smoker; especially children.

You may also order other various quit smoking aids through your doctor. Most of these products are considered to be mild antidepressants. They work by calming and relaxing, which helps decrease your craving for cigarettes. Some of these products may have a more severe side effect that the products you would purchase from over the counter. You should take these products under a doctor?s supervision.

The bottom line is that you what to quit smoking permanently! Whether you use sheer will power to go completely cold turkey or use some sort of a quit smoking aid or both, the end result is giving up this nasty habit permanently. The first thing you should do it is to consult your family doctor and follow through with your doctor?s suggestions. Another piece of good advice is to consult with someone who has already successfully kicked the smoking habit. Ask them lots of questions and lean on them for support if necessary.

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