Cancer Fact File

Cancer Fact File New 2021

Though deadly, yet many deaths resulting from it can be avoided as over 30% of its kinds can be prevented because of their early detection. They can be treated and cured at the early stages. Even if a patient is suffering from late stage, a good palliative care can relive the sufferer from the suffering.

It has become a great source of concern for entire humankind today. This is why; every human being is looking for ways to avoid it. In fact, it has become a challenge. Undoubtedly, we are living in an environment wherein toxins, pollution and different chemicals are exposed to a greater extent. These even affect the food that we eat. Familiarizing oneself with it and taking precautionary measures will really help in avoiding it in its early stages.

Key Facts

It is a major cause of many deaths worldwide.
Lung, liver, stomach, colon and breast cancer are the leading cause of most deaths resulting from it each year.

The most frequent forms differ between men and women.

More than 30% of deaths can be prevented with palliative care.

Tobacco is the most important risk factor. 

Deaths resulting from this chronic disease worldwide are expected to mount, estimating 12 million deaths in year 2030.

This generic disease can affect any part of the body. Its most defining feature is a rapid creation of abnormal cells that eventually spread to other organs. This process is termed as ?Metastases?-a major cancer cause.

The main types leading to deaths each year are as follows :

stomach (803 000 deaths)

lung (1.3 million deaths)

liver (610 000 deaths)

colorectal (639 000 deaths)

breast (519 000 deaths)

The most frequent types in the world are :

Among men :







Among women :






What causes cancer?

External agents like physical carcinogens, chemical carcinogens and biological carcinogens. 

One fifth of all kinds in the world are caused by a chronic infection like (HPV) human papillomavirus that causes cervical cancer and (HBV) hepatitis B virus that causes liver cancer.

Ageing is another fundamental factor of its development.

Tobacco use and alcohol use

Low fruit and vegetable intake

Chronic infection like hepatitis C virus (HCV)

Being overweight or obese

Physical inactivity

Sexually transmitted HPV-infection

Urban air pollution

Indoor smoke from solid fuels used for household purposes

How to reduce its burden?

Current knowledge about its causes, preventive interventions and palliative care can reduce its burden. Prevention strategies listed below can also greatly help in decreasing its rate :

Vaccination against hepatitis B virus (HBV) and human papillomavirus (HPV) 

Early detection

Control occupational hazards

Reduce exposure to sunlight

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