Show Me Some Remedies For Ovarian Cysts

Show Me Some Remedies For Ovarian Cysts

Are you frustrated with your doctor's treatment of your ovarian cyst and worried that you seem to be constantly playing a waiting game? All he seems to do is change the medication and tell you to come back in a month's time to check on your cyst's growth. Well you are not alone in feeling both anger and frustration at your treatment. I, too was receiving similar treatment a while back which left me crying out for someone to just show me some remedies for ovarian cysts

I don't know about you but I felt that my ovarian cyst was running my life. My periods were irregular but boy, did I know when they were about to start! I would be hit with excruciating pain in my belly accompanied by a dull throbbing all down one side of my body and pain in the tops of my legs and buttocks. Sometimes it got so bad that I would be forced to call in sick for work but most times I used to have to swallow painkillers and grit my teeth, desperate not to let my colleagues see the pain I was in.

My family were very caring and supportive but it angered me that I felt I couldn't live my life as I wanted to and I was terrified that I would have to face surgery. I had heard horror stories of women who ended up having their ovaries damaged beyond repair or even removed, and were thus unable to have children. Although, fortunately, I had my children at that time, I still did not want to lose my ovaries. They were a part of me being a woman.

I had obviously read up all I could about ovarian cysts, their causes and the potential dangers, and all the information seemed to say the same thing which was that they are caused by a hormonal imbalance and also an increased level of insulin. I was certain that there must be someone out there who could simply show me some remedies for ovarian cysts and I did eventually stumble across a whole bunch of information which made a lot of sense and which finally offered some cures for ovarian cysts in the form of natural treatments.

Now the very beginning of these natural treatments is to detox the body and cleanse the liver. The liver manages the level of blood sugar in our bodies and also acts as a filter for all the toxins and junk that we ingest and it can get clogged up by gall stones and not be able to do its job properly. It is easy to detox your body by taking a couple of days, preferably a weekend, and simply drink lots of water or apple juice and only eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Avoid all meat, dairy products and caffeine. Once the detox is over, then it is time to begin the natural remedies for ovarian cysts by following a healthy diet which is low in sugar, exercising regularly and managing stress levels. 

Most women are led to believe that medication and surgery are the only options available to them in dealing with ovarian cysts, but trust me when I tell you that natural remedies can shrink a cyst and prevent it from recurring. There are also the added benefits of feeling more energetic, having a good clear skin and weight loss.

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