We Have Found A Safe Organic Natural Body Care Product

We Have Found A Safe Organic Natural Body Care Product

Searching for an organic natural body care product? Companies can use the words organic, natural and hypoallergenic, regardless of the ingredients that they contain. The term doctor tested and recommend is another of the unregulated phrases. You may as well call them sales gimmicks.

It is no doubt that the use of naturally occurring oils, botanical extracts and similar substances are better for your skin?s health and the environment, as well. It is just that finding a product that actually contains them is difficult.

The US FDA recommends that consumers carefully read the list of ingredients, but that?s difficult for most of us. How many people know that Butyrospermum Parkii is Shea Butter? What?s alpha-tocopherol, ubiquinone, petrolatum or oxybenzone? 

Cosmetic manufacturers are required to use the International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients on their labels. Most consumers find that difficult to read or understand. There is now way that I could completely ?translate? all of the ingredients that you might find on the label of an organic natural body care product. 

In the past, I have listed some ?clues?, such as warning labels to look for, but lately, it seems that nearly everything must be viewed with caution. California has always been ahead of the game when it comes to environmental and consumer protection. 

They recently sued four manufacturers of ?organic? body cleansers, because they were found to be contaminated with high levels of cancer-causing Dioxane. The companies must correct the problem, include a warning label that the products cause cancer, and/or pay a fine. 

But, what about anyone who bought that organic natural body care product? The whole thing is scary and saddening, but I do have a solution.

I have found a company that I believe in. They make some of the best vitamin supplements in the world and now they have a complete line of skincare products. I believe in them, because they test each raw ingredient for contaminants. They check the final batches, as well. This should be standard practice for manufacturers, but it isn?t. Someone has to make them aware of a problem and it is usually independent consumer safety advocates that initiate the process.

If they started with the safest ingredients, checked them for contaminants and followed up by testing the completed batch, then they could be sure that their customers were safe. So, before you buy an organic natural body care product, check out the manufacturer?s website. Find out what testing protocol they follow. You?ll be safer and happier in the long run.

Look for alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) and ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10). Avoid petrolatum, which is white petroleum jelly. It causes greasiness and clogs the pores. Avoid oxybenzone, a sunscreen that has been proven to cause damage to DNA within the cells.

Vitamin E and COQ10 help delay the signs of age, as do other nutrients, when properly combined and emulsified. So, that?s my advice for finding an organic natural body care product that is truly safe and effective. Please take a look at my website now.


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