What To Expect With Breast Implant Surgery New

What To Expect With Breast Implant Surgery

Breast implant surgery has become a very popular cosmetic procedure especially in recent years. Breast implant surgery is used to enhance and improve the look and feel of a woman's breasts. It will enhance a small breast and make it larger. Besides a fuller cleavage, the result is also a huge increase in positive self-esteem. Breast implant surgery will also give the breast a new shape that will be more feminine and womanly to the body.

If you are thinking about having breast implant surgery completed, you should focus on getting the right size breast for your body. One that will enhance your chest and give you a beautiful look. When you meet with the plastic surgeon for the first time, they will help you decide on the right implant size and also instruct you on the whole procedure.

Make sure the plastic surgeon you are visiting has a good reputation and is certified to complete this procedure. Before visiting, ask to see photos of their previous breast implant patients to see how their procedures was completed.

After you and your surgeon have met and discussed a good implant size for your body shape, you should spend some time considering the size. Think about how the size will impact your lifestyle and body image.

Once you have a comfortable idea of the size you want, it's time to revisit the surgeon to make arrangements for the surgery. This is the time when the surgeon will be giving you information on steps you need to follow before the surgery. This may include not smoking, not taking in certain drugs or vitamins, and staying away from certain food and drink items. The surgeon will check your health to make sure you are a candidate for a surgical procedure. This health exam will also make them aware of anything to watch for or to be aware of any after surgery problems that can occur.

Now, after all of your preparation, you are ready to have the surgery. You will need to bring a friend with you on the day you are to have your surgery completed. You may have your surgery in the doctor's own facility or it may be performed in a local hospital. 

You will be prepared for surgery which includes a general anesthesia to make you sleep during the procedure. A few surgeons will give you a local and a sedative, but there is still no feeling during the surgery. 

Once under anesthesia, an incision will be made in one of four places. This will be at the discretion of the surgeon and what you have decided previously. A pocket is then created for the implant to sit in. This is behind the breast itself. This placement is also decided upon before surgery. It may be in front of, in-between, or in the back of the muscles of the chest. The implant is then inserted and set into place. The incision is closed and bandaged.

Recovery will take a few weeks as the breasts need proper time to heal. You will be going back to the surgeon periodically through this process to make sure you are healing properly. Once the bandages are removed and the swelling has subsided, you will begin to see how wonderful your new breasts look.


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