Colorado Hair And Health Spa

Colorado Hair And Health Spa

If you are looking for an eminent Colorado hair Salon and a Colorado health spa, your search ends here at Avabella Spa Salon! It is a place where you can fade away your spider veins, skin imperfections, freckles, sun burns and age spots. We use modern technologies of combined light energy and bi-polar Radio Frequency to treat your skin problems. Just 5-6 sitting will give you a problem free glowing skin.

Not only do the Colorado health spa lighten your skin tone and the redness from rosacea, it also give you medical products prescribed by trained practitioners, and apply special masks ? Cosmelan mask, to prevent the chances of hyper pigmentation.

The Colorado health spa also offers Photodynamic Therapy which kills abnormal cells of the body in compliance with Aminolevulinic Acid, in our body. This process helps in synthesizing hemoglobin and removing sun damaged skin. The therapy also removes fine lines. It also is helpful in reducing the sebaceous glands and killing the bacteria that cause acnes. Aminolevulinic Acid also lessens the pore size and enhances skin texture. 

Colorado health spa treats your skin to tighten (Skin Tightening Durango) them, by reducing wrinkles. Skin tightening Durango can leave you with firm, youthful and make you fall in love with it! The treatment stimulates the production of collagen. If you are embarrassed about the spider veins on your face or your legs, 1-3 sittings will show you satisfactory effects. Botox cosmetics are fast gaining popularity among people of all skin types. 

Now to concentrate on your crowning glory, Colorado hair Salon gives you a variety of hair treatment. Starting from dermal fillers to increase the volume of your tresses, we also treat your hair to give it the silky texture. Your cascade would roll down your shoulders, to make others speechless.

The Colorado hair Salon and the Colorado health spa customize the procedures to suit your needs exclusively, so the cost might vary from person to person. We are sure of your coming back to visit us once you have enjoyed our services. Avabella Spa Salon is the best Colorado spa and hair salon. 

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