New How To Care For Your Nails

New How To Care For Your Nails

In the old days, nails were an important ingredient of a witch's spell since they supposedly contained a person's characteristics. This explains the many superstitious beliefs surrounding them.

In England, it was once believed that a woman who can cut her right hand nails with her left hand will dominate her husband. In Japan, a girl who bites her nails was scolded since this bad habit will supposedly make it difficult for her to have children later.

Today, doctors look at the color, shape, and thickness of the nails to detect the presence of many diseases.

For instance, if your nails are pale, you could be anemic, especially if they have a flat and concave shape like a spoon.

Yellow nails can come with aging or they can be caused by poor circulation. The most common reason for this is an underlying heart or lung disorder.

Bluish nails mean there's isn't enough oxygen in the blood. If you're short of breath and cough constantly, you probably have heart failure or lung trouble.

The usual cause of nail discoloration, however, is a fungal infection called onychomycosis or ringworm of the nails. This can turn your nails yellow, gray, brown or black. It's also the reason for dead nails.

The condition is chronic but painless. The affected nails look dull, opaque, and brittle; (they) are marked with grooves or ridges and appear flaky," according to the editors of Consumer's Guide ?Family Health & Medical Guide.?

Ugly nails are not only bad to look at; they can interfere with a person's social life. Just ask anyone who has this problem and you'll know how embarrassing and annoying the problem can be.

"Onychomycosis is common in men and the toenails are often affected. The usual victims are people over 20 who wear shoes all day and have sweaty feet," explained Dr. Lilia Santiago, past president of the Philippine Dermatological Society.

To prevent onychomycosis, Santiago suggests the following: Rinse the feet well after swimming to wash dirt and bacteria. Keep the feet dry always. Change socks and footwear regularly.

People with onychomycosis or fungal nail infections once had to bear with long treatments which were not always successful. Worse, some of these antifungals can affect your heart and liver. 

Fortunately, a new product called Somasin AFS can give you healthy nails in just seven days. With Somasin, you don?t have to worry about long treatments or side effects. This natural herbal blend will stop stubborn nail infections fast.

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