Six Cooking Methods To Lower High Cholesterol

Six Cooking Methods To Lower High Cholesterol

The main issue that causes high cholesterol is a poor diet. The reason most people have such poor diets is because of all the fast food joints that have been popping up everywhere pushing their bad cholesterol foods on everyone. What you need most in your diet is all of the foods that provide the good cholesterol. Heart attacks are considered to be the biggest complication that is attributed to bad cholesterol. Keeping up with an unhealthy diet will do nothing for you but cause problems. So you need to learn how to better take care of yourself and eat foods that contain more good cholesterol.  

There are so many ways of lowering high cholesterol levels while preparing your food at home. They are also really simple things you can do and take very little time. So now let's take a look at some of the many cooking methods you can employ when you start cooking to create a healthier lifestyle.  Start out by limiting the saturated fats that are in your home/kitchen. They are many alternatives that you can use that will serve the same purpose. Start using different more healthy cooking techniques. These can include grilling, broiling, baking, and even stir frying (as long as you monitor the amount of oil used).

If you're a stew or soup kind of person, start preparing them a day in advance. By cooking them in advance and placing them in the refrigerator over night it will allow the fat to rise and harden so it can be removed before serving. You need to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables to help keep your cholesterol low. Find the ones you really enjoy and then look into ways you can prepare them that may be different from your normal way.  When you cook your vegetables try using as little oil as possible. Steaming is a great way to cook vegetables and will allow you the chance of gaining all the nutritional value of them.  Stay away from all the butters and vegetable oils. Try using olive oil or even some of the nut oils which can be a lot healthier for you and will help maintain a great cholesterol level.  As with anything moderation is a must. Even if it may help lower high cholesterol it may not work properly if you overdo things. Always check in with your doctor to see how you're doing and get advice if you need it. 

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