Teenage Sex Rates Indicate Drastic Positive Alterations New

Teenage Sex Rates Indicate Drastic Positive Alterations New

Teenage sex activities have been a hot topic of discussion as even. The count of young unmarried girls and boys having had sex has always been a thing to watch out for. There are many factors that contribute to the teenage pregnancy cases and the growing rate of exposures at a tender age is the most popular of them all. Different health research centers from various corners of the globe are constantly keeping a close watch on the numbers of such cases. This is essential for the purpose bringing the figures under control or else this trouble may well be the danger to the global developments in the future.

Moreover, such immature decisions by the teenagers are ought to go wrong for themselves. This is true as it affects the entire lifespan on the person in all possible mediums. If one takes note of the past records there are some very surprisingly displeasing numbers of the teenage sexual activities. As for the figures of the year 2001, there were about 51% of the teenage girls and 60 % of the same age boys had sex before they completed 19 years of age. This indication was alarming as the rate at which the teenage sex practices were speeding had some dangerous consequences in store. However, at present, the figures have shown a slow down if not a downfall. As per the figures taken for years 2006 to 2010, there were about 78% girls and 85% boys who used protections during their first go at sex. This is a comforting change to that of the 75% girls and 82% boys who did it in the year 2002.

Understandably, the birth rate of teens that is girls of ages between 15 to 19 years has also come down. This is recorded to be 39 per 1000 which is the lowest in the United States of America. It is about 14 per 1000 in Canada, 10 per 1000 and 7 per 1000 girls in Germany and Italy respectively. This change in the birth rate in teenagers is really a big success which has changed things on a global platform. Moreover, the rate has been declining since 2001 in the United States and many other countries that is expected to do a lot of good in the coming times.

Sex education is seen as the major factor for these changes that have turned things to positives. As per the topic researchers, the mentality of the teens and their self control levels has increased in the recent times. Again the family togetherness and the morals taught by the parents takes a major role in the circumstance as most of them are not indulged into sexual activities in their teens as it is equal to going against their religion and values. For the boys, the main reason for not hitting the bed is the unavailability of the right person and the thinking of not wanting to get a teen age girl pregnant.Experts also indicate that the teenage boys must be given a big credit for the good alteration as it is their thinking that influences the entire sexual behavior.

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