The Male Perspective - Lip Enhancement Injections, Laser Hair Removal, and Facials

The Male Perspective - Lip Enhancement Injections, Laser Hair Removal, and Facials

Recent marketing trends led to the creation of the metro-sexual persona to identify a new breed of male consumers who frequently purchase hair and body care products. Although straight men aren't lumped in the same category as gay men, these two demographic profiles probably have the same tastes and buying behavior when it comes to selecting products and services. In the field of cosmetic enhancement services, male clients form a significant population of customers visiting spas and skin clinics regularly. 

Lip Enhancement Injections for Men 

People rarely notice the superficial changes because the aesthetics in lip enhancement for men aren't as visible as the lushness of the lower lip or the perkiness of the upper lip among female clients. Generally, these guys have a different agenda when it comes to adding collagen or hyaluronic fillers to their lips. Some men have thin mouths that make them look unfriendly or maybe appear older than their real age. Men who've developed smoker's lines above and below their lips also see these selective facial injections as a collective removal of these unsightly wrinkles. Find sample photos of lip enhancement before and after at Heberdavis that feature male and female clients. 

Like their female counterparts, male clients use the same type of dermal fillers during the procedure. These clients feel confident in letting their dermatologists inject small amounts of a clear organic gel into their lips because it's a far safer alternative to shooting silicone. Most of these gels contain moisturizing ingredients that prevent dryness, which causes chapping or cracking of the thin sensitive skin on the lips. The treatment's effects also last as long as six months up to twelve months before the client needs to return for another round of injections. 

Laser Hair Removal for Men 

Men frequently choose to have the thick curly hair growing on their chests and back, and sometimes on their arms and legs, removed through a laser hair removal treatment. For men, laser hair removal takes a couple more visits or maybe a few minutes longer every session to target every last strand as quickly and painlessly as possible. Men who love to swim or any water sport and guys with abnormal hair growth on their bodies often request for this permanent hair removal method. The total costs of this service may be more expensive than the treatment package for women, but it's a procedure that's been a psychological relief to lots of men who'd been rejected by potential dates and employers because of their unsightly body hair. 

The Perfect Facial for Men 

When you check out a sample of a facial package, you'll notice that it commonly consists of cleansing, exfoliation, and skin nourishing treatments. First, the treatment begins with a basic deep cleanse to rid skin pores of clogged particles. A microdermabrasion or light chemical peel follows to help remove the outermost layer of dead epidermal tissue and prepare the face for the last step. In the end, the younger layer of skin receives a healthy dose of an antioxidant serum or a vitamin infusion via a gentle facial massage.


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