Control Your Environment For Better Results

Control Your Environment For Better Results

In order to reach your fitness goals you have to set yourself up to win. One way to set yourself up to win is to learn how to control your surroundings. In other words control the things that are holding you back from reaching your goals and become a master of your own environment. Here are a few things that you must learn to control if you?re going to reach your goals :

Control Your Home Environment

Are your cupboards full of junk foods that you?re always snacking on, even when you know you shouldn?t? Let?s face it, if you?re trying to lose weight you have to eat right. Also, if you?re trying to gain muscle you have to eat right. While your methods and meals may vary a bit, you still have to eat the right stuff! So set yourself up to win and remove anything from your cupboards, fridge, and freezer that are not helping you reach your goals.

You may consider keeping a few things around for a cheat meal or two, but I still recommend removing everything from the house that shouldn?t be part of your meal plan. This is another way to control your home environment. Think about it: if you have to go out and buy the cheat you may decide that you don?t want that cheat meal so bad after all.

Control Your Shopping Environment

A basic rule you should incorporate into your life is never go shopping with an empty stomach! Shopping when you?re hungry is a very easy way to set yourself up to lose. I know that every time I shop when I?m hungry I am much more likely to buy a lot of food that really should not be part of my menu. When you shop hungry just about anything sounds good, even though you know you shouldn?t buy it. Make it a very firm rule and stick with it: Don?t Shop When Hungry!

Control Your Social Environment

Most would agree that a cheat meal here and there is not a bad thing. But if you?re going out to a fast-food or even regular restaurant several times a week you won?t reach your goals any time soon. Restaurant portions are not even close to the portion size that you should probably be eating, so keep eating out to a minimum. When you do eat out, maybe try sharing a plate with someone else or just plan on having leftovers. This takes some discipline and planning, but you?ll be setting yourself up to win.

Control Your Work Environment

In my personal opinion it is the work environment that most people have a hard time with when it comes to eating properly. This is where meal planning and scheduling will become vital if you are going to reach your goals. Keep healthy snacks with you at work, and avoid the vending machine! Also, rather than always going out with co-workers to lunch bring your own lunch to make sure that you are getting the right foods at the right times.

These are just a few general tips to help you be more successful in reaching your fitness goals. In the end it will be your own discipline and control that will determine how successful you will actually be at reaching your goals. Develop the will power to control your environment and you will start to see some great results! 

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