What Is A Good Cholesterol Level, A Simple Explanation Even A Caveman Could Understand

What Is A Good Cholesterol Level,  A Simple Explanation Even A Caveman Could Understand

Sometimes trying to figure out what is a good cholesterol level can range from confusing to downright mind boggling. After all, with term like LDL, HDL, and VLDL one would wonder how anyone outside the medical community would have a clue. Let?s face it if you had no prior knowledge, let?s say LDL, and one of your friend called you to mention their LDL was out of control you might think they were talking about one of their children or grand children. Nevertheless, if you have a few minutes to spare what I can promise you is that after reading this article you will have a pretty good understand of LDL along with facts to explain what is a good cholesterol level.

LDL stands for low density lipoprotein and describes a type of cholesterol carrier that is primary made up of fat. LDL serves a very important function in transporting essential cholesterol to our muscles and cells. 

Yes, that?s right you do need some cholesterol just to survive but your liver produces enough naturally to achieve this function. Nevertheless, a shortage of cholesterol will cause muscle aches, pains, fatigue and if levels drop low enough cell and muscle death leading to kidney failure!

Normally, LDL does a very good job, after all you are still alive, right! But on occasion our friendly LDL gets overloaded with too much fat. In other words he is just like the rest of us, when he is overworked he tends to get sloppy and leave things lying around. In the case of LDL these are cholesterol deposits on the artery walls which eventually turn in plaque. LDL levels from 90 to 100 mg/dl are considered optimal with 100 to 129 mg/dl considered pretty good. Any reading over 160 is considered problematic and needs to be brought into acceptable levels.

Now your body is way ahead of the game in knowing that LDL gets tired and lazy when his workload is over around 135 mg/dl and has an answer, and that answer is HDL. HDL stands for high density lipoproteins, or good cholesterol, and travels through your arteries making sure any excess cholesterol is removed through solid waste as well as bile. HDL is a hard worker but when there are cutbacks in his numbers he can?t keep up with the workload. As a general rule a 2 to 1 ratio or less of LDL to HDL is considered within an acceptable range. HDL cholesterol readings of 60 mg/dl is considered good with 40 to 59 mg/dl being on the fence, and anything below 40 being dangerously low.

Additionally, in determining what is a good cholesterol level you will have a third reading, that of total cholesterol. For total cholesterol 200 mg/dl or less is considered good with anything over 240 causing cause for concern.

In summary, what is a good cholesterol levels can be summed up by LDL 100 or below, HDL 60 or above, and total cholesterol 200 or less. Now that wasn?t so hard was it?

Additionally, many natural health minded individuals have found success in supporting healthy cholesterol levels with the help of natural cholesterol reducing remedies. These natural alternative treatments are a side effect free way to manage cholesterol and are a safe and effective alternative to statin drugs. 

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