Horrible Knee Pain - An Overview - Improve Your Knee Stability New

Horrible Knee Pain - An Overview - Improve Your Knee Stability

How bad is your knee pain?

While many people tend to believe that a horrible knee injury or bad knee pain can only be relegated to the realm of the athlete, it is just as likely for an average person to have a knee injury as the result of some unfortunate accident.

Do either of the next two examples sound like something that could have happened to you? - Consider the two case studies that follow; one is an athlete who was injured while playing sports, the other a working single mother who accidentally discovered she had a degenerative condition with her knee.

Case Study - Hector

Hector had been playing soccer since he was 10 without any major injuries until his freshman year in college. As impressive as this feat is, everything changed in one particular game. While running in to block a kick from a member of the opposing team, Hector's right leg hit the ground improperly causing a horrible knee injury that had him being taken from the field on a stretcher.

An x-ray revealed that his fractured patella (kneecap) was still intact but the trauma had severely weakened it resulting in a tremendous amount of pain. He had also torn his meniscus and ACL. After surgery Hector spent nearly a year undergoing physical therapy all the while wearing a knee brace that helped to keep him mobile enough to allow for proper healing of his injury. His recovery was long and painful, but he was eventually able to take the soccer field once again. - Hector attributed his recovery to the knee brace because the great support that it provided, without it he would have really been lost.

Case Study - Michelle

Michelle was on her way into her office after lunch on a rainy Friday afternoon when she lost her footing on the slippery cement. When she righted herself, she realized that she could not put any weight on her left leg - her knee was in really bad shape.

Imagining some horrible knee injury, she had a coworker take her to the hospital. That is when she found out that her injury was minor but it had aggravated a degenerative condition that she had spent most of her life unaware of. Michelle was fortunate to find out about her knee problems when she did though; wearing a knee brace for a few days was all she had to do to feel better and she was told to keep it on hand for future flare ups of her newly diagnosed bursitis.

There are literally hundreds of ways that you can injure your knees ranging from simple sprains and strains to fractures and tears that require reconstruction and years of physical therapy.

While we have all had sore knees at one time or another, it is important to understand that any injury should be diagnosed and treated by a doctor. To do otherwise is to risk potential permanent damage and even increase the pain to your knee.

If you have hurt your knees it is wise to consider the use of a knee support as well. The extra stability that a brace can provide to you can do wonders for your knee, and can have you looking back, wondering what you did without one. - If you believe that you need to help reduce your knee pain, and add extra support to your unstable knee then you should consider a knee brace today.


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